Technology Services

Gem State Distributors regularly seeks the latest and greatest technologies to serve you.  In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, it is critical to stay on the cutting edge. Here is list of some of the in-house and retail service software programs that we employ:

We understand that more of you are demanding self-service options to research items, review item movement, see processed invoices, set retails, and place orders on-line. Use our Opticon scanner and cradle to more efficiently and effectively place your order. Gem State’s Power Net has given us an e-commerce solution to seamlessly do all of above and more. 

You may prefer our newer solution, Power Mobile.  We know that many of you today expect anytime, anywhere access to product details and the ability to purchase from your mobile devices. Power Mobile can be used by both you and our sales representatives to research products, place orders and check order status via any smartphone or tablet.  Use the scanner on your device or our detachable scanner to more quickly input your orders.

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