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Founder 1923 - 1995

Founding Philosophy

A History of Looking Ahead

Gem State Distributors is a family owned business founded by Don Noorda in 1958.  The timing couldn’t have been better as Gem State Distributors found itself perfectly situated to serve the new convenience store arena. Today the family tradition continues with his sons Paul (President) and Joseph (Vice President Operations) leading GSD into an exciting, challenging future.

Gem State Distributors is very committed to keeping current with industry best practices.  We constantly strive to stay on the cutting edge in business processes, information technology, and education.  You can’t have control without good information.  We also try as many new approaches to running our business as is practical.  It’s the only way to move ahead.

With the continuous change taking place in the retail industry GSD continues to make significant investments in supply-chain software and hardware to streamline our operations and provide the best service to our customers.  In addition, we continue to invest in sales force software to help our sales consultants provide retailers with the items, promotions, and information they need to stay competitive in the marketplace.

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